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Here are the supplemental study materials:

Supplemental Materials

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  1. Hi dear all,
    it is writing from Mongolia.
    I had read Mongolian version of The Great Treatise On The Stages Of The Path To Enlightenment by Tsongkhapa and found any interesting proverb. This is about murder/killer in chapter of karma. Proverb was showed that taken from Abhidharma. Meaning sounds so: if killer will be died before or same time with his victim, this is not murder because of that he already took another birth.
    Is this translated thinking right? Could you find for me that sentence in English, pls?
    Best regards,

    • This teaching is found in this same form in the Abhidharmakosa – Chapter IV, verse 72:
      “72a-b. If one dies before or at the same time, there is no principal course of action. 72b. Because a new body has come into existence. ”
      The Bhasya (commentary) states:
      “The reason is clear: as long as the victim is living, the murderer is not touched by the transgression of murder; and when the victim dies, he (=the murderer) no longer exists if he died at the same time or before… The body—the personality—by whom the preparation had been accomplished, the body of the murderer, is destroyed; the murderer takes up a new body which belongs to another nikayasabhaga (ii.41a): this body did not make the preparation, is not prayoktar and, as a consequence, cannot be touched by the transgression of murder.”
      I find it a bit surprising and wonder if there was some controversy regarding this point.
      I wish you well, Korin

  2. I agree with your remark, Korin. This would seem to give suicide bombers a free karma pass!!! No wonder the Mahayana moved away from the more “mechanical” abhidharma view to a more “psychological” intention-centered view.
    I thank Ayur for bringing this fascinating point to attention, and Korin for locating the textual source!
    Best wishes, Edgar Cooke

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