Study Materials All in One PDF   6 comments

I just updated all the study materials.

There are a few medium size additions, a lot of tiny additions, and some corrections.

There is also a new piece: supplemental study materials.

They are all included in this one document along with a table of contents:

Kosa Study Materials

I am going to update all the Karika Study files soon – most will just include corrections of some of the numerous typos, but there is one substantive addition: I have added Sastri’s translation of the Karika of Chapter 1.

There are other things I need to give my time to, but I am hoping also to post all of these study materials as actual content here rather than pdfs. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be a simple undertaking.

Please leave comments, corrections, questions, etc. Thank you!

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6 responses to “Study Materials All in One PDF

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  1. thanks for doing such a great job makes it easy to stuy

  2. Marvelous work! Thank you very much for doing this. I find your work very helpfull. Where are you studying?

    • Hi, I received a masters in Religious Studies at Stanford 17 years ago.
      For 12 years after that I lived at San Francisco Zen Center studying with Tenshin Reb Anderson. I am glad this work has been helpful!

  3. amazing, it helped me so much!!! thank very very much!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your effort. I have spent some time studying other sources such as “A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma” only to have more questions arise such as the bhavanga/consciousness relationship (perhaps to much focus on theory and not enough on practice, I know), But again thank you.
    In gassho
    Lawrence Renyer

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