Chapter 3 Loka (World)   2 comments

Here are the study materials for Chapter 3:

Kosa Chapter 3 Study

Here is the karika (multi-lingual) for Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 Loka

Please leave comments, corrections, questions, etc.Thank you!

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2 responses to “Chapter 3 Loka (World)

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  1. Process of the World Table overlaps 2 pages.

    For a class room setting, these discreet files are easier to work with than the larger 100 + documents you kindly included in your September 2010 updates.

    But, thank you for providing these guides and summaries. It makes the study of the Abhidhammakosa so much easier to study.

    With Metta,


    • Problem solved with latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader X (ver. 10.1.0)

      With Metta,


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